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Dentist in Burbank: Top 6 Tips to Finding the Best


best dentist

So many people are shopping Burbank dentist practices these days.

It’s no surprise.

We all want our dentist to be compassionate and gentle.

Only how do you determine if your next one is right for you?

What follows is our top 6 tips how to discover the best dentist practice for your personal needs.

Dentist Tip #6: Are They Liked?

Who isn’t? Well, some dentist are not liked as much as others on Facebook. Ones with over 50 likes are doing okay. More than 100 and you’re seeing a strong following of loyal patients. Over 200 and you hit the kindest dentist in town.

Dentist Tip #5: Updated?

Take the magazine test. Swing by before making your first appointment. Check if their waiting room magazines are current. If not, their attention to detail needs work. Also look for signs of smiling staff members. Avoid practices where they groan before they greet you.

Dentist Tip #4: Chair Side Manner

Great patients love great chair side manner. Does the dentist look at you in the eyes when they speak with you? How about a real conversation before the exam?

We all love small talk during tense times. Look for open gestures of kindness. But how do you know until you go? You don’t. Do the next best thing. Visit their site. Look for indicators such as:

      • Smiling faces
      • Details what they do to calm new patients
      • Community service involvement

Dentist Tip #3: Volunteerism

No matter how good your dentist is, does he or she contribute back? Doing so proves they’re compassionate about humankind. If they donate their time you’re looking at the right one. Review their site for indications they give back locally.

Dentist Tip #2: Award Bling

What separates good dentists from terrific ones is professional recognition. Signs they’re admired by peers includes:

      1. Merit awards
      2. Consumer advocacy recognition
      3. Training achievements

Dentist Tip #1: Pain-Free

This is important. Inquire what types of¬†anesthesia they’re certified to administer. Do they offer sedation dentistry?

If you have pain or panic issues tell them you need specific details how they manage patients who suffer with these kinds of conditions. Contact us today if you’re in need of a new family dental practice.


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