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Why Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed in Los Angeles is Important


los angeles dentist wisdom teethFor most people in, getting your wisdom teeth removed is just one of those things that happens in your late teens or twenties. It is almost a rite of passage like getting your driver’s license or graduation day. What you may not know is why getting your wisdom teeth removed can be so important.

The most obvious reason, for wisdom teeth removal is space. While some people in Los Angeles can get their wisdom teeth without issue, most are not so lucky. Human jaws have become shorter since our ancestor’s time and as such, made our wisdom teeth a detriment to the others in our mouths. Cramping in our mouth can create strain for other teeth and potential cleaning problems down the line.

Without proper room in our mouths, wisdom teeth can become impacted. This means that the teeth may not break through the skin properly or become overgrown by bone or gums. While this may not be an immediate problem, left untreated these teeth can become infected. If an impacted tooth infection reaches the blood stream, it can cause even more serious health problems and/or illness.

Our dental team recommends keeping a close eye on those wisdom teeth starting with dental x-rays in your teen years. A little time and care now, could save you a lot of time and discomfort down the road. There is no substitute for a healthy mouth.

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