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dentist north hollywoodAre you searching for a North Hollywood dental provider?

Everyone wonders which one to select. What will they be like? What will they do? Will they take your fear and worry to heart when you sit in the chair?

Our #1 goal is to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Remember, it’s very common for patients to feel stress over their first visit. However, studies prove the more you know about a procedure the less stress you’ll experience.

It’s common to worry about your first visit. However, knowing more about what to expect choosing a dentist will help your stress level drop. We’ve seen it happen many times with new patients.But there’s always something we can do to help. Almost always making things better for them. Patient care is something we take very seriously. No matter what the issue is for them.

Step One

Your initial visit begins by getting your medical history. We want to learn more about you.

When you share your medical history, be sure to provide complete, up-to-date information on your health. Inform us if you have experienced a recent hospitalization or surgery. This is standard when you visit all dental practices.

Working with a dentist means being honest about your health. We prefer the following information:

  • The names, doses, and frequency of any medications you are taking
  • Whether these are prescriptions or over-the-counter medications
  • The name of your physician

Step Two

Typically we start with an X-ray of your teeth. Doing so allows Drs. Michelle and James Grosleib to view the structure of:

  • Your jaw
  • The position of any teeth
  • Malformed roots
  • As well as any tooth decay

Inform us of any changes in your health or medications. This information will help us select the safest and most effective method of treatment for you. Your medical records  will remain confidential.

Step Three

Next, we do a thorough cleaning and examination of your teeth. We can identify any issues very quickly doing so.

The process takes less than 30 minutes. We make sure you are fully aware of everything we do. Your comfort is something we take very seriously throughout your first visit.

We know how you feel. When picking the best dental team, they must be compassionate. Smart patients look for the following:

  • Genuine concern about pain management
  • Dentist close to home
  • Stress-free procedures

Also ask your dentist office about new treatments in pain management.

Have any more questions about your first visit? Please contact our dentist office staff.


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