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Drs. Grosleib, helping you save face this summer


At Valley Village Dental, we know how important it is to protect your face while playing sports. With summer a week away, we know the chance of people damaging their precious mouth and pearly whites and needing emergency dental care increases over the summer months.

That’s why Dr. Michelle Grosleib, Dr. James Grosleib and our team are doing our part to spread the word that mouth injuries can be avoided simply by reminding yourself and your kids to wear mouth guards.

In addition, please:

• Wear a helmet
• Stretch before and after a game or practice
• Wear protective eye wear
• Wear a face shield to avoid scratched or bruised skin
• Be observant—even as a spectator

All of these can reduce injuries. Only by using a mouth guard and other forms of facial protection can people avoid serious sports injuries. Be sure to avoid mouth guards that custom form to your teeth as these will resist any tooth movements we are trying to achieve. Lastly, please give us a call or ask us on Facebook if you have any questions about mouth guards or other forms of facial protection.

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