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Finding a Pediatric Dentist in the Burbank Area


pediatric dentist in BurbankHaving a baby is a huge step in any couple’s life. One thing that can often be overlooked once your bundle of joy arrives is finding the right pediatric dentist for the one who matters most to you. The months leading up to the big day are filled with regular check-ups, shopping for clothes, prepping the baby’s room for the big day. There is a lot to plan for. Valley Village Dental, servicing the Burbank area, can help.

Why would parents want to start thinking about pediatric dentistry at such a young age? There are many reasons.
First, teaching your child early about the process of good dental health will help set them at ease as they grow. After all, once your child reaches age 12 or 13 they should have most (if not all) of their adult teeth. The habits they learn from an early age will translate to the care they use with their adult teeth. Once our adult teeth are in, we don’t get a second chance to take care of them, so good oral hygiene is important.

In addition to proper care, many people develop a sense of dental anxiety. By brining your child in to a pediatric dentist early (it is recommended to make your child’s first appointment at about one year) they will learn that a dental professional is nothing to fear. Beginning the process at a young age will build confidence within your child about their dental experience.

Furthermore, once a child begins getting teeth (usually by six months, sometimes sooner) a pediatric dentist is needed. Even the so called “baby teeth” can build up plaque and decay. Regular cleanings will not only protect the young teeth, but the health of the gums and the soon to come in adult teeth as well.

With all of the other details leading up to your child’s arrival planned, take a moment and consider the right professional for their oral health. It’s never too early to think about a healthy mouth. As they say, “the early bird gets the worm.”

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