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Good News North Hollywood: Having a Filling Doesn’t Mean You Need Silver Topped Teeth


north hollywood dentistOnce upon a time, the thought of getting a filling in North Hollywood brought to mind images of silver capped splotches slapped onto what was once a bright, white smile.

Oh, how times have changed. Your Los Angeles area dentist would never know you’ve had a tooth filled unless you told them.

The dental industry as a whole has always been sympathetic to the patient’s desire to have a clean, pleasant smile. The fillings of yesterday were practical and functional, but over time the silver (and sometimes gold) would become dark and take away from the overall appearance of a person’s smile. From this, the composite resin filling was born.

These newer fillings are comprised of a resin-like material allowing the dentist to compact it in the tiniest of spaces without ever being noticed. This provides several benefits to their metal fore-fathers. First and foremost, the composite resin filling is much stronger than the malleable metals of the past. This enables fillings to hold stronger and last longer. The newer, composite resin fillings can actually bolster the strength of a person’s tooth without removing unnecessary tooth material.

In addition to the strength factor, because of the availability of different shades, these new fillings are able to be colored to more naturally to match a person’s tooth color. Gone are the days of the unsightly remnants of dental work.

If you are a patient who remembers back to the days of ghastly silver fillings and have avoided the dentist’s chair for some time, take comfort; we are not your great-grandfather’s dentist. Make an appointment to see what the professionals can do to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Your teeth will thank you.

At Valley Village Dental, we service the North Hollywood area and the surrounding San Fernando Valley; our composite/resin fillings are ALL BPA-Free. You can rest assured that we are using top-quality materials.

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