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The Truth About Root Canals in the Studio City Area


studio city dentistIn the dentalindustry, or any other area for that matter, all you have to do is mutter two simple words to get a patients hair to stand on end; root canal. Just the mention of the phrase brings to mind a painful ordeal in the dentist’s chair. Here at Valley Village Dental, who provide dental service near Studio City and the surrounding areas, would like to debunk a few myths associated with this often necessary and beneficial procedure.

First and foremost, is a root canal painful? It’s the first thing you think of when hearing root canal. In actuality, most patients report that having a root canal is no more painful than having a filing placed. With a sure, professional hand and proper anesthesia, a root canal can be as smooth as any other dental procedure.

The second common most concern with patients is that root canals are long drawn out procedures that require many dental visits. Again, this is not so. A root canal can, at times, require more than one visit to your Studio City dentist, depending on the severity of the infection of the tooth, but often one visit will do the trick.

“All teeth in need of root canals hurt” is another common misconception. While this is often the case, it is not always true. If the tooth in questions is already dead it may not have any feeling at all. In this instance the tooth would still require a root canal to clean out the interior of the tooth and seal it to prevent possible infection to the gums or jaw.

There have been instances where people have had tooth breakage after having a root canal. This leads to the final myth regarding root canals; the repairs don’t last long. It is true that once a tooth has had its root removed it will no longer receive blood flow and grow brittle. Part of a proper root canal procedure is the filling and crowning of the tooth. This part of the procedure strengthens the tooth. If there is breakage after a root canal it is the result of poor restoration and not the root canal itself.

If a root canal is suggested by one of the professionals at Valley Village Dental, don’t fear. It is not nearly as bad as you might think. Remember this list of simple truths about the procedure and you’ll do just fine. In the end your teeth will be much better for it and your smile will thank you!

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