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photo of happy family DIAGNOdent laser devices allow dentists to detect tooth decay in the very early stages.

Approved by both the American Dental Association and the FDA, DIAGNOdent devices allow treatment to be small and as non-invasive as possible, by catching the decay before it becomes a much larger cavity.

DIAGNOdent devices help preserve tooth structure, because they empower patients and dentists with a way to detect dental disease in its earliest form. In fact, if the decay is in the very beginning stages, it may be possible to treat it by placing a sealant on the tooth to prevent the development of further dental decay.

The special DIAGNOdent device is more accurate than traditional methods in a clinical examination, providing readings that alert the dentist to any weak enamel areas. It is used alongside of dental x-rays to detect and screen for early dental disease. X-rays are ideal for detecting decay between the contacts of teeth, but they may not pick up decay in the grooves of the tooth until it is much larger.

Because the DIAGNOdent is over 90% accurate, it can check grooves and pits of teeth for even the smallest weak area. In the cases where treatment is not yet needed, it also allows the tooth to be monitored for the progression of decay or weak enamel. The digital display shows readings of healthy enamel in the mouth, and identifies small variances in the tooth structure so that recordings can be made in clinical records.

DIAGNOdent works by emitting sound and light into the tooth, which then reflects back to the device and provides feedback on whether or not the tooth structure is compromised.

The procedure is painless and completely comfortable. Most of our patient’s will have the hygienist use the device during their cleaning appointments if there are suspicious areas that need to be checked. Many cavities begin forming in the bottom of the pits and grooves of a tooth’s surface.

Because this decay must become much larger before it is evident clinically through traditional methods, the cavities are usually found when they have enlarged into the surrounding tooth structure.

By using DIAGNOdent, the early decay deep within pits and grooves is found before it can even be seen clinically.

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