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stock photo of a mature couple It is estimated that 10% of adults suffer from a form of sleep disturbance.

Drs. Michelle and James Grosleib believe that each patient should be treated in a holistic manner that addresses all of their oral and health care needs. By using oral therapies to aid in relief of sleep disturbances, patients can benefit with a better night’s sleep.

Oral appliances are a proven method that can aid in relieving mild to moderate sleep disturbances like snoring and sleep apnea. Using a non-invasive approach, these appliances can help naturally open the airway, preventing the collapse of tissues that prevent breathing.

When used alone or along with other types of sleep disturbance treatment, oral appliances are actually preferred over the use of CPAP for treating sleep disorders.

A custom-fitted appliance works best for these patients because they will stay in place adequately and are the appropriate size for that individual’s mouth. Common appliances include a piece that works by protruding the jaw, and another that prevents the tongue from slipping back farther into the throat.

Some disturbances may be related to conditions such as grinding or disorder of the TMJ.

Evaluating your bite and joint function is just another part of the comprehensive care that Drs. Michelle and James Grosleib deliver in their office. When necessary, therapies that aid in the relief of TMJ disorder and grinding/clenching will be suggested.

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