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Here are some of our patient testimonials:

  •  http://www.celebritysociety.com/VALLEY_VILLAGE_DENTAL  see the story on this amazing couple...in the Winter Issue of CELEBRITY SOCIETY MAGAZINE....you can also read about them on line on our website under  What's Inside... community giving

    Fauna H. 10/6/2011, 

  • Let me first start by saying I am a DENTAL ASSISTANT (no I don't work for this practice) so I am very particular about which dentist to see. After working for different dental offices that I would not want to be a patient of, I swore to be very selective of where I go. My insurance was running out in about a week and I needed to use it up or else it would have all gone to waste. So I give them a call. Sophia, who works the front office, and Dr. James were quick to accommodate my busy schedule.Let's just say after one of the most thorough dental exams I've ever had (digital xrays and intra oral pictures), I needed 10 fillings and about 4 days to finish them. So the doctor knocked all of them out in 2 appointments plus my cleaning. The doctor and staff were absolutely great, they made everything comfortable for me I even fell asleep at both appointments (while they were working in my mouth).I would definitely send all my friends and family here. I could go on about how great this practice is but you just have to see for yourselves.

    Camille F. , September 30, 2011,

  • These guys are sooo accommodating, so professional, and so gentle and nice, we'll never go anywhere else!

    Robyn W. , September 29, 2011,

  • Awesome Helpful Friendly Staff- I'll explain my visit from walk-in to walk-out. I didn't have an appointment, walked in and they still took me. Then we started the X-rays and they staff was very clear in instruction and gentle. Once they were finished, they gave me a remote to watch TV until the Dr.Grosleib came to discuss my x-rays. Once there he went over my mouth tooth by tooth, showing my pictures to reference on the same HDTV I was watching TV on. They are very innovative, and organized here! Once I knew what work needed to be done, and let me tell you I had a lot, we reviewed financial options and insurance coverage. Once I knew how I was going to be able to pay for it. We did my teeth cleaning, and we set up the next appointment and I'll see them again in 2 weeks! I can't wait... Also, they told me how they are about to have a baby any time now! These are very warm and friendly people with great big smiles! See you soon!

            Daniel Scott Chamoff, August 6, 2011, Google Places


  • OK - So I was waiting to leave this review but it has become apparent that this business deserves 10 Stars!! Dr. James Grosleib and company are so flexible, understanding, and helpful in every way.My dental insurance is expiring and after an initial consultation, it became obvious that I need all 4 wisdom teeth removed, a deep gum cleaning, and about 8 fillings! I have not been to the dentist in a long while and have a huge anxiety of it. Dr. J worked afterhours to help me get my work done quickly and he spent so much time helping me ease my anxiety. He went out of his way to get me the prescriptions I needed before my insurance expired, explained each step of the procedures as they went along, and just truly cared about me and my needs. I am soooo happy that I found this dental office and now actually look forward to going to the dentist!! UNREAL!!

           Sharina R., July 29,2011,

  • This dental office uses the state of the art X-ray machine.  Amazing!! Never seen this at any dental office!  You can see the digital pictures of each images taken on a  t.v. monitor right in front of your chair.  Dr. Michelle Grosleib is an excellent dentist.  She is very thorough and takes the time to explain everything to you.  You don't feel rush at all.  She has the most gentle hands and i did not feel any pain after having several fillings and root canal.  After my root canal the following day i even got a call from Dr. Grosleib asking me how i was feeling.  To me that really sets a tone that she CARES  about her patients.  In my opinion she is the BEST! Since i needed a lot of work done.  I had found out that my insurance coverage this year had changed & i was very limited to how much work can be done.   Her receptionist Sophia is  friendly and helpful. I was suprise and  concern that the insurance only covered a certain amount she went out of her way to call the insurance co. and speak with someone  Dr. Grosleib saw that i was concern about the cost out of pocket & she took the time to sit down with me and broke down what was priority.  Overall i'm happy to refer my family and friends to this dental office.  Amazing staff!!

    Nina S., July 11, 2011,

  • Doctor Michelle Groslieb has shown me a new way of dentistry. The digital pictures, instead of xrays, are far superior. She is very gentle and caring. She thoroughly explains everything. My out of pocket expense, as calculated by the dental office, was to the penny.
    None of us enjoys going to the dentist but my experience was not the least bit unpleasant and it was PAINLESS.

    Vicki L, July 8, 2011,

  • Wow...I recently switched going to my previous dentist in Beverly Hills to Valley Village Dentist.  I had been going to the same over priced dentist for ten years until I finally listened to the rest of my family and went for a consultation.  The friendly staff, high tech. equipment, and the affordable price was unbelievable.  The service and cleanliness is exceptional.  I recommend Valley Village Dentist to anyone in search of an amazing cosmetic and general dentist.

    Snyder D., July 3, 2011,
  • One might wonder how I could give a dentist 5 stars after a deep cleaning, 2 cavity fillings, and pulling 2 wisdom teeth - all in one day. BTW, that's not the end of the story.  I still have 2 more wisdom teeth to pull, more cavities that need to be filled, and an infection to take care of...bad genes I guess.When I went to Dr. Michelle Grosleib for my first consultation, I left in a panic after she informed me of the disaster that was my mouth.  My palms were sweaty and seriously wanted to cry (I rarely cry).  I actually asked her to just remove all my teeth and just give me dentures.  Ha Ha.  Apparently her state of the art equipment picks up stuff that the old school equipment can't so, she sees the tiniest imperfections and gets to them before they become real problems.So why 5 stars despite sitting in the dentist chair for over 3 hours today?  Well, she totally picked up on my fear and made sure I was completely comfortable.  She answered every panic inspired question I had and made sure she took the time to make sure I understood exactly what she was doing step by step.  At the same time, she managed to keep me as calm as she possibly could throughout the teeth marathon.  Really, compassion is the word that comes to mind.She even made 2 follow up calls to check in to see and see how I was doing! To top it off, she is extremely conscientious of the bill that can be racked be up.  So, she lays out all possible plans and helps find you the most affordable option.I can honestly say that she is the best dentist I have ever had.  So, even though she yanked 2 teeth out of my face, I will not let anyone else go near my mouth. By the way if you're wondering about the tooth extractions, each tooth took only a couple minutes to remove and it was absolutely painless.

            Maryam R., May 12,2011,

  • Drs. Michelle and James Grosleib were referred by their predecessor at this address, Dr. Mitchell Honig (who I had been with for years).  When Dr. Honig announced his retirement, I was a bit leery about who would be replacing him.  As it turns out, James Grosleib was a great choice as his successor.  He was thorough and very professional.  I trusted Dr. Honig.  I trust Dr. Grosleib just as much.

    Frederic F, May 11, 2011,

  • I highly recommend Dr. Michelle Groslieb and her staff at Valley Village Dental. Michelle has good judgment and is honest: she will save a tooth if she can and tell you the truth if it's a gonner.  She uses 21st century x-ray technology and a micro camera - x-rays come up on the screen instantly, no waiting, and you can look at a close up picture of each tooth. Most importantly, she actually cares.  That makes for about as good as it gets at the Dentist.

    Steve S, April 30, 2011,

  • As someone who has suffered from dental phobia since childhood, I was filled with dread when my dentist of more than 15 years retired.  Thankfully, Dr. James Grosleib and his wife took over the practice.  I broke a crown on a Friday afternoon and even though Dr. Grosleib wasn't scheduled to see patients, he fit me in.  I was hoping to have the broken piece glued so I could be on my way (and put off the inevitable as long as possible), but Dr. Grosleib's exam was very thorough.  After assuring me that all was well with the tooth and surrounding areas, he suggested I stay to have the necessary work completed.  By then Dr. Grosleib had put me at ease with his gentle touch and pleasant chair-side manner, so I agreed to have the work done. I was very pleased with the experience - the procedure was painless and stress-free (which is amazing for a coward like me!).   I highly recommend Dr. James Grosleib.

    Roe L, April 25, 2011 ,
  • In a city that's second to New York with its hustle and bustle types, LA takes the crown for nesting people who give you the minimum amount of work for maximum price.Dr. Michelle Grosleib is different. She took her time to photograph each tooth. Did you know they can take photos of your teeth? She thoroughly went through all the X-rays and pictures and explained each issue I had. Since I had insurance and was limited on what I could do, she suggested what is most important first. We decided to go for a deep cleaning and some fillings. One of the fillings had (what looked like a hairline fracture) which Dr. Grosleib said she will try to work around but stated that a root canal may be necessary. May I just say a root canal was not necessary.


            1. Fear of dentist - gone
            2. Swelling - gone
            3. Sensitivity - gone
            4. Parking - Yes
            6. Cleanliness - very
            7. Oh, they also have TV's to watch across the magical chairs!

            Edward T, March 15, 2011,

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