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teeth grinding treatment Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJD) is often referred to as “TMJ” and affects millions of people each year.

TMJ is actually the name of the joint, but TMJD is the disorder that causes painful symptoms that vary from person to person. Because it is a difficult condition to treat, most therapies involve preventative actions to alleviate the symptoms.

TMJD involves the musculoskeletal structures in the area of the TMJ, including muscle, nerve and bone. Signs can include popping, clicking and painful opening or closing of the jaw. The TMJ is used approximately 2,000 times each day and can greatly affect daily activities.

Symptoms associated with TMJD include:
• Pain near the joint, or during opening and closing of the mouth
• Headaches
• Clicking, or locking of the jaw during use
• Muscle spasms
• Limited range of motion
• Pain radiating into the neck and shoulders

Tooth clenching and grinding may cause TMJD symptoms, so it is important to address these with appropriate therapies such as night guards or relaxation exercises. Internal disc displacement, injury, or arthritis may also cause symptoms. Approximately half of rheumatoid arthritis patients will experience TMJD

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