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teeth whitening Zoom is an in-office whitening procedure that allows patients to visit the office and leave with whiter teeth that same day.

Patients will have a whitening agent applied to the teeth, which is then accelerated by an ultraviolet light.

The light-activated chemical formula causes the whitening procedure to have a quicker response time. Teeth will be noticeably whiter as soon as the procedure is completed.

Patients love Zoom whitening because there is no need to use gel, strips or trays for several days at a time. In-office whitening saves the hassle as well as the time when you want to whiten your teeth for that upcoming big event.

Some patients may use home whitening trays for touch-up whitening or to maintain their bright smile as needed.

The Treatment

A Zoom Whitening procedure is vey simple. Patients first have an examination to ensure that they have no oral health needs, such as active tooth decay.

This exam is usually done at a preventative care appointment, where Zoom is discussed and then scheduled in a separate appointment.

On the day of the Zoom appointment, the patient will have their lips and gums coated with a material that helps protect them during the appointment. This is because gums are very sensitive, and as anyone who has whitened your teeth will tell you, even a little of the whitening gel coming into contact with them can cause tissue irritation.

Once your tissues are isolated, the Zoom whitening gel is brushed onto the teeth, and exposed to an ultraviolet light source that acts as a catalyst to speed up the whitening process. The gel application and light exposure is repeated 2 more times, lasting about 15 minutes each time.

After the final application your teeth will be evaluated to see how significant of a whitening increase has been made.

If needed, a follow up application will be done. Some patients may also decide to have whitening trays made so that they can touch up their whitening several months down the road, due to stain from things like coffee, tea or tobacco.

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